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comining soon! first interview to be done by Cody Rasmussen, He plans to interview a local band to be disclosed soon...please check back.

This month Cody will be interviewing Jordan Wilson.

Jordan.... A:
Cody......... Q:

Q: So Jordan, tell us a little about you're self.
A: .......... Uh ..............

Q: Ok, well we hear you play the Guitar, is this true?
A: Lets just say I try. I've picked up the guitar, one or two times.

Q: So what style do you play?
A: Country... (gigle).

Q: Well, that's odd because from the looks of it you seem to be Punk, and yet you play country?
A: Yeah, it's true, Im a Punk.... and yet I play country because I truely hate country...... so as I said, I've only picked up the guitar a few times, therefore by me playing counry, I give country a bad name!

Q: So what style of music are you listing to, and what bands?
A: Im into all music but country, crap... oops, I mean rap, and RNB. Now days the bands Im listing to are Squad 5-0, Tourniquet, Slick Shoes, and some of the old MxPx... such in the Pokenatcha days... (sigh) and many more.

Q: Have you ever snuck in a movie?
A: (big smile), do I realy have to answer that? (starts to blush),... ok, yes.

Q: What movie?
A: which one????

Q: Oh, so I see you've snuck into movies more than once, ... ok, what's the last movie you've snuck into?
A: "The Whole 9 Yards".

Q: Do you offten wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night craveing "Dog Food"?
A: (laugh), ... uh, wait.. ... not , well, a little...... NO, what kind of stupid question is that?

Q: Are you afriad of Dying?
A: Not at all, Im going to a better place!

Q: Do you like cats?
A: Yeah... Cough, just a hair ball.

Cody- well I think we've heard enough from Jordan today..... thanks Jordan.

Jordan- Word Up.

well be haveing an interveiw of a local band... possibly next month.

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Dominion's Dancing Chicken!
Future Pic of Interviewee.